The Community

Our participants are both wine professionals and wine lovers. Indeed, anyone that shares a taste for wine can join as long as he or she is curious enough.

As a wine professional (sommelier, wine importer, distributor, restaurant or hotel owner…), you probably got an analytical and sensorial wine education. We offer you to deepen your skills by focusing on minerality through a geo-sensorial approach. That means focusing on the mouth touch rather than the olfactory analysis. Feeling the terroir taste in wine more than the oenological practices and experience wines in gastronomic contexts so you’ll learn to feel harmony. Once you embody a wine that way, you can express, wherever you are, the magic of its homeland and the soul of its creator. Afterwards, you don’t sell wine anymore, you offer origin and emotions.

As a wine lover, the great challenge is to learn wine and keep emotions alive. In general, the more you learn, the more you tend to mentalize rather than feel and be affected. As a matter of fact, emotions don’t come from brain activities. We created a method based on experiences that will help you discover wine and build your own taste and reference points while pursuing an emotional path through wine.

According to your level and expectations we can focus on different aspects of wine discoveries. However, our approach is cultural and in our academy, wine evolves in an exchange theater. Its intrinsic conviviality operates through conversations with gastronomy, music, performing arts, heritage, literature or science…

Our wine programs catalog is available on demand so please do not hesitate to contact us at if you have a project.

Our educational programs make you join a wine connoisseurs community, and the wine experience will be completed when you learn to share your emotions with others and express what you feel. We indeed believe that individual wine discoveries are greater when shared and you will experience it among us.