A climate for harvest in Champagne

I was lucky to join the harvest team at Champagne Sélèque vineyard one day during grape picking. This year is like no other, they say around there. Indeed, some people remember analogue situation only forty years ago. Very small quantity but a great vintage… considering the difficult weather conditions.

Let’s see what lies behind the scenes…

Pierry, a small village classified as first growth in Champagne, where is located the Sélèque winery not far from Epernay, in the Côte des blancs. 30 acres vineyard slit in 40 plots. Which means more work and more attention needed but also a great opportunities in terms of diversity.

Everything starts in the vineyard with the grape selection because only mature grapes have to be picked. Everything is done by hand as required by the Champagne appellation. Here more or less all the workers are regular pickers some of them for more than 15 years and the atmosphere is quiet and joyfull despite the changing weather, and unfavorable climate conditions.

Here are some pictures of a “day of harvest”, from the vineyard to the cellar…


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