A Terroir legacy

There are many reasons why vintners decide to embrace sustainable, organic, or biodynamic wine growing, but the key among them are authenticity and quality.

What is so unique about wine is its diversity. Indeed, all wine producing countries have great terroirs. However, it is vintner’s capacity to find the perfect piece of soil for a specific grape and to express  flawlessly this terroir’s personality that makes great wines.  The difference between good wines and great wines is that the second are made by vintners who follow those principles.

Jacques PUISAIS* used to say :

Wine should have the face of its birthplace and the guts of the man who made it.

It is natural that a vine living in harmony with its environment will produce grapes more complex in aromas and taste. This complexity originates in the communion between the plant and its home environment, communion allowed by the great vintners.

By environment, we mean both soil (geology, minerals) and the living nature that surrounds it (microbiological life)—the two elements which allow the vine to feed itself and which are under the care of the vintner. This is what lies behind the French word “Terroir.”

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