Pascal LAMBERT, Loire Valley

“The grapes, only the grapes, and nothing but the grapes”

I have been an early fan of Chenin, and of all its expressions from dry to sweet, from still to sparkling, from schist to limestone… Being an adept of Caribbean and Asian cuisine, I really found a partner in this grape.

I always noticed majesty and delicacy in Chenin and the first time I was introduce to ANTOINE, I met a real gentleman. Honey and oxidative notes typical from overmaturity chenin grapes, a surprising old gold color… I was ready to taste something special. It was dry, fresh, complex and very much alive…  I was won over so I decided to meet the man who was behind it.

Here I come to Visit Patrick LAMBERT and his wife Beatrice. After spending four hours listening to him, I decide to come back with a photographer in order to capture his great sensibility and his devotion to Terroir. I thing I found a friend in that cellar and all the wines I tasted were just like Antoine: intense, profound and one of a kind.




LES PERRUCHES. The name means “clay-with-flints”, and the wine is required to offer all the taste of terroir in the mouth, which means stony flavors. But there is a real harmony in this wine as the fruit dominates the aromas. A great alliance between the grape and the soil contributions. (100% Cab. Franc)

LES TERRASSES. This beautiful introduction to Pascal LAMBERT’s style is all but a light red. It comes from gravel soil of the Vienne river bank, this cuvee is fresh, fruity with matured black fruits aromas and quite powerful. (100% Cab. Franc)


IF you want to learn more details about them or about Pascal’s other cuvees, please visit the domaine’s website.