Patrick BAUDOUIN, Loire Valley

“Giving birth to wines is not like manufacturing them: no intervention or just the minimum one is a very demanding choice, asking for precision and hard work.”

He is one of the first vintners I was lucky to meet. He is that kind of person that holds passion, involvement, strength, and a big heart. Meet him and you will end up like me, traveling through wine routes seeking magic, searching for wine men like him. That is the talented capacity to express emotions from “matter”. Because Patrick’s wines are emotional. They are telling stories and smiling at the time. His selection is like a family where every character has his own perception of climate and soil. You will recognize some of their father in each of them but they all developed a strong personality.

MARIA JUBY. She is the sweetest, I would have ended my wine portraits with her but I think she tells as much about the others as she tells about herself.  Pure and confidential, she is one of a kind you hardly find every year.

LES BRUANDIERES. Can one be sweet and lively at the time? Because that’s what this cuvee is about. There is delicacy and lightness, which makes this sweet wine quite exceptional with aromatic spices and sweet & salty food: a perfect match for Asian food.

LE CORNILLARD. Inviting a powerful, racy, well structured and matured guest for diner? Opening a Cornillard bottle I guess… Well, you are ready to spend a little time checking the menu because this one loves great company.  A beautiful dry, source of minerality from very old vines that perspires both floral and toasty flavors and will magnify the best cured Jabugo hams, stir-fried langoustines, or light spicy food.

EFFUSION. Every large family knows that younger children are often lively and voluble. Baudouin’s doesn’t make exception to the rule with its Effusion. From volcanic origin soil, and effusive rock the wine has taken liveliness and complexity, a first expression of Terroir for this fresh aromatic dry wine named after his character.  Perfect with grilled fish and tandoori chicken.

There are more brothers and sisters in the BAUDOUIN family, so visit Patrick BAUDOUIN’s website to learn more about them…