Wine Education

CLE DES VIGNES is an itinerant wine academy. Because the ultimate great teacher on stage is the wine in its terroir,  our goal is to create the best conditions for this teacher and for his students.

ON-SITE WINE EDUCATION. We bring participants to French wine regions (Loire valley, Champagne, Jura, Alsace, Burgundy, Corsica…) because we believe that learning is more efficient and more authentic when it is close to the teachers’ roots, that is, to the vineyards and the vintners.

TAILOR-MADE WINE CLASSES. In small groups, from 6 to 12 people, and from 1 to 10 days, we adjust the learning program to participants’ needs and profile. Do you want to discover one wine region and choose a wine tasting introduction course or on the contrary focus on one particular aspect of wine learning like wine and food pairing or wine service. Together, we will find the class design that meets exactly your personal or professional goals.

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WORLD-BEST SOMMELIERS. Even if we believe the ultimate great teacher is the wine itself, an interpreter is key to guide you through this learning journey. For that reason some of the world best sommeliers participate in our classes.  Franck THOMAS—Europe N°1 sommelier—and his team is not only extremely knowledgeable. They are open-minded, humble, and will share with you everything they know with simplicity and fun.

EXPERIENTIAL METHODS. No matter what program you may choose, all the classes use the same experiential educational method which goes much further than simply providing  a wine knowledge. We want to make you live your own senses and wine is the best teacher to achieve that—provided it has the right stage.

Some wines you will particularly appreciate, maybe more than others. It doesn’t necessarily mean the second are not good. In fact, beyond the aromas, the color, or the vintage, what matters is your ability to find your own emotional path to wine and build your own feel of it. That is what the teacher-wine on the right stage teaches you —to connect to your unique feelings.

LIFE-TIME EXPERIENCE AND FUN. Our commitment is to introduce you to the finest wines on the most authentic stages-terroirs. Famous oenologist Jacques PUISAIS used to say “In order to gamut, be sure about your piano first…” With us, you will be amazed by the music you will learn to feel. You will have access to surprising and outstanding vineyards and stay in remarkable places, delightful hotels and exquisite restaurants. In all these places you will meet great vintners and talented chefs and will share quality time with them.

At the end of your journey, not only you will learn a lot but you will live one of a kind experience an emotional memory of which will accompany you for the rest of your gourmet life!