Wine Workshops

CLE DES VIGNES has set up a series of wine workshops that will punctuate both the wine journeys we organize in the vineyard and events we offer for your special occasions: diners, receptions, training programs.

Following our vision, our activities portfolio focuses on the experience of geo-sensoriality and the pursuit of harmony. Here you will find some examples of workshops we organize.

WINE AND CHOCOLATE. Sharing strong, moving tastes, experiencing the thrills of contrasting matches: the sweetness of white, the mild softness of milk and the force of black. Take the example of a crunchy chunk of beef with hazelnuts, coated with toasted sugared almonds chocolate, served with a balanced, fresh Coteaux du Layon wine. (Under the guidance of both a sommelier and a chocolate-maker)

WINE IN VERTICAL. Travel through time depth and live again one year’s vibrations during wine tasting. An invitation to a space-time trip in Savennières, in search of this rare and flavorsome appellation from the Loire Valley. With more than 12 vintages, you will feel what can become of a wine while evolving through time… (Under the guidance of both a sommelier and a wine grower)

THE WINE CEREMONY. Like Asia where traditional arts include Chadô (tea-ceremony), Ikebana (floral art), Shodô (calligraphy art) or Kodô (incense-ceremony)… western civilizations paved the way for a ceremony dedicated to their sacred beverage. The wine service is an art mastered by sommeliers where right gestures need knowledge, know-how that is to say patience, work and practice.  (Under the guidance of a sommelier)

WINE & CALLIGRAPHY. When wine tasting is inspiring emotions that come to words through a landscape dimension translated into the art of calligraphy (Shodô). (Under the guidance of both a sommelier and a master calligrapher from Japan)


As one of the finest vintners Nicolas JOLY said:

The Earth is not limited to what lies under our feet. She goes on hundreds of miles overhead. This part, less visible is an exchange theater. (…) Atmosphere is a place where connections are made between laws of life and laws governing matter.  It is an intense life corridor in both directions, (…) a kind of mutation between two different worlds (…) where all is about harmony. (…)

There was a time when our society didn’t persecute our senses, a time when individuality – the one that isolates – was less important. Humankind had yet the ability to feel those harmonies, those exchanges.

We believe our mission is to contribute to bring this ability to life. All the workshops we created are part of a multiple-act play in the Exchange Theater.